Office policies

To help Adult & Pediatric Dermatology ensure the highest quality of service and care to our patients and protect their rights, we have established office policies and procedures. If you have any questions regarding these procedures, please contact our staff at any time.


Please plan to arrive at our office 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment to check-in and complete required paperwork. We ask that you provide the listed items below when visiting the office:

Insurance Card
Photo Identification
Co-payment (as required by your insurance plan) or full payment if you do not have health insurance

Authorization and/or Referral forms (if required by your insurance plan)

A guardian (if below age 18 years)

NOTE: Please note that if you do not bring the following items with you to your visit, we reserve the right to reschedule or cancel your existing appointment.

Insurance Cards: All patients with insurance coverage are required to bring their current insurance card to each office visit. If a patient does not have their insurance card, he/she can reschedule or be seen as a self-pay patient.

Identification Cards: ID cards will be required at your first visit. A copy will be made during the first visit and placed in the chart. However, photographic identification may be requested at subsequent visits to the office.

Co-Payments: Patients with a required co-payment as part of an agreement with their insurance carrier will be required to provide payment prior to being seen by the provider. It is the patient’s responsibility to bring an approved method of payment, as listed in the payment options and policies section. The appointment will be cancelled if the patient does not bring appropriate means of payment.

Deductibles: Patients with an outstanding deductible who undergo a procedure will be asked to make a payment towards their deductible at the time of the procedure.

Authorizations and/or Referrals: Authorizations/referrals are an arrangement between patients and their insurance carrier. Not all insurances will require these, but it is the patient’s responsibility to bring a copy of their authorization/referral form if required. If a patient does not bring their authorization/referral, he/she can reschedule or be seen as a self-pay patient.

Legal Guardians: All minors are required to have a parent or legal guardian with them at the time of their visit. By law, we are required to have consent from a legal guardian to provide most treatments to minors. If a minor patient comes to the office unattended, the minor may be required to reschedule. The guardian or parent can sign a minor consent form for unaccompanied 16-year olds and 17-year olds to be seen without a legal guardian for return visits.

Payment options: We accept cash, personal checks, Visa, Mastercard, or Discover credit/debit cards. Returned checks will result in a $35 fee.


To ensure optimal care, patients are required to be on time to their appointment. We request that new patients arrive 15 minutes prior to check in and fill out required paperwork. If a patient is more than 15 minutes late for an appointment, the appointment may be rescheduled.


Our office attempts to contact all patients prior to scheduled appointments. If you unable to keep an appointment, we kindly ask that you provide us with 24 hours notice. A $50.00 no show/cancellation fee will be applied when an appointment is not cancelled at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment. Patients must cancel all cosmetic and laser appointments 48 hours prior to ones scheduled appointment. This courtesy, on your part, makes it possible to for us to offer these appointments to other patients to reduce wait times.


Patients without insurance are required to pay at the time of service. The front desk may not be able to provide an exact quote for prices prior to the appointment as this may vary depending on the treatment course recommended by the provider. Please note that our office may assist in setting up a payment plan for those unable to pay in full at the time of the visit. Please feel free to ask our staff for further information.


All cosmetic treatments require payment at the time of service.


Please call our office, (734) 385-7255, for all prescription refills.

Dr. Singal normally prescribes sufficient refills to last patients until their next follow-up appointment. If you need a refill and do not have a scheduled appointment, please have your pharmacy call the prescription line at (734) 385-7255. Dr. Singal will review all requests. If you need to be seen prior to a refill, our staff will call to schedule an appointment. Otherwise, please allow our office 48 hours to process your request.